Victoria Consumer Affairs - Rental Information Videos

Rental information videos are available in 13 languages and they help explain the rights of renters, including:

  • what to expect when starting and ending a lease
  • how bonds and condition reports work, and
  • how to organise repairs.

Videos available in 13 languages...

2014 Competition

In order to assist students in their decision-making on accommodation, ISANA invited international students to create videos showcasing different types of accommodation, with the aim of helping other students to make informed choices.

ISANA held competitions for students to submit videos, based on their personal experiences. The categories included:

  • Halls of Residence / Residential Colleges (on and off campus)
  • Student hostels (off campus)
  • Student apartments (off campus)
  • Shared private rental
  • Homestay

The winning entries have been shown at the last two ISANA Annual Conferences and have been uploaded to YouTube as a resource to help students and student advisers. The videos cover:

  • advice on what to look out for and how to settle in
  • pitfalls to avoid
  • the most rewarding aspect of that accommodation type

ISANA encourages students to view the videos when weighing up their choices and to contact your institution for further advice.

2014 ISANA Competition Videos

Home but away

Sharehouse Adventures

My happy homestay

Living on Campus in Australia! What are the benefits?

Come board with us - Our home away from home

2013 ISANA Competition Videos

Cathy's Australian Adventures With Her Homestay

Students renting a house in Australia - some advices!

ISANA video competition 2013 (student apartment)

VU Student Housing Services

Australia introduction guide!

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