Since 2012, ISANA has invited international students from all over Australia to the Annual National Conference through a Student Conference Bursary.

ISANA have adjusted the 2021 Conference Bursary in line with the move to online delivery.

This year up to SEVEN (7) International Students will each receive:

  • Full Conference registration
  • ISANA Membership
  • AUD $300

To receive the full bursary, the recipient must attend the full conference.  Participation is required over the full academic and social programs.


  • To provide opportunities for engagement with other students and professional and academic staff in the international education sector
  • To ensure that international student interests and opinions are heard and noted in general discussions, on student panels and through presentations
  • To develop leadership potential in the international student community and
  • To disseminate international education information throughout the student community by liaising with their ISANA Branch Committee.

Bursary applications due 14 October.

Congratulations to the 2019 Student Conference Bursary recipients:

Melvin Sharma, QLD

Haries Salim, SA

Reinhardt Mascarenhas, SA

Phuong Mai Dinh, SA

Laura Tran, SA

2018 Student Bursary Recipients:

  • Vinh Dang, SA
  • Arthur Yeow, SA
  • Sostenis Pasang, NSW
  • Daniel Nguyen,  VIC
  • Dharlene Juan, NSW

“Last week, I represented the University of Adelaide to go to 29th ISANA International Association Conference 2018 in Sydney to be a panelist for student Health and Well-being as well as co-presenting an exciting topic on re-Orientation.

ISANA is an amazing place to meet like-minded professional staff and students who want to improve assistance and support for international students. I have taken away much information to better the current International Student Peer Mentor program in the University.

Thank you Bronwyn Gilson for organizing the event this year, and a big thank to friends that came with me, Shawna Hooton, Arthur Yeow, Sarah Parrington, and friends I made along the way Dharlene Juan, Daniel Nguyen, IAPA AFA.

I hope to see you all in the next one in Melbourne”.

Vinh Dang

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