ISANA offers a consultancy service for fee, Training, Research and Consultancy Service (TRaCs) and professional development opportunities at branch and national levels.

TRaCs Consultancy

Training Research and Consultancy Services

At present, six TRaCs workshops have been developed and are available immediately for presentation at any educational institution in Australia and New Zealand for the professional development of their staff who work with international students.

The six workshops are designed to help staff working with overseas students to develop specific expertise in their particular area of interest and employment:

1. Foundations of International Education

2. International Student Advising and Support Programs

3. Cultural Diversity for Successful Academic Outcomes

4. Teaching and Facilitating Across Cultures

5. Cultural Diversity and Internationalisation In Education

6. Working with Younger International Students

For more detailed information on each workshop and TRaCs read more….


The workshop on the Foundations of International Education is recommended as a starting point on which the other workshops can be built but it is not necessarily a prerequisite to the other workshops, particularly those in the Cultural Diversity stream.

If you wish to enquire about shorter workshops or tailoring a workshop to your institution’s particular needs, ISANA would be very happy to discuss this with you.

Any member who believes that they have something to offer the membership through TRaCS is free to contact the Secretariat at

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