Plagiarism and students from Asia studying in Australia and New Zealand

Dr Felicity Fallon, President, ISANA International Education Association, Australia and New Zealand.

Presented at the 2008 APAIE Conference in Japan

Abstract: This paper explores the issues relating to plagiarism and students from Asian countries, particularly those with a Confucian-heritage background, studying in Australia and New Zealand. It looks at the issues of cultural values and ownership of knowledge as they are related to this issue from the perspective of Hofstede’s Cultural Values Dimensions and by a review of the recent research that has been conducted in this area. A survey of the policies of universities in Australia and New Zealand relating to plagiarism and how these policies are explained to international students is used to examine how well these cultural issues are taken into account.

Keywords: plagiarism, Confucian-heritage background, cultural values, ownership of knowledge, Hofstede’s Cultural Values Dimensions, policies


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