New coronavirus education tools and resources from the Fair Work Ombudsman

In response to the coronavirus outbreak, the Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO) has prioritised education and advice services, to ensure that those affected can find out about workplace entitlements and comply with their obligations. As coronavirus restrictions start easing, a number of industries and businesses are starting to operate again. This means that many employers and employees are planning their return to work or to the workplace. I am writing again to share our new resources, which help employers and employees with the transition back to work during coronavirus, when it is safe to do so and in accordance with state or territory directions.


We’ve developed a two part animated video series that dispel common misconceptions about JobKeeper rules and return to work. The videos address common enquiries that we receive through our social media and frontline channels.

In part 1, we deal with leave and stand downs, annual leave and JobKeeper and notice and stand downs.

In part 2, we deal with myths about work and the JobKeeper payment, employee duties back at the workplace, and JobKeeper and reduced hours.

Template letters 

We’ve also enhanced and expanded our suite of template letters to help small business employers manage their coronavirus related rights and obligations.

The suite now includes the following new and updated templates:

Further information

The FWO will continue to monitor and update our information and resources on and as the situation changes, including in response to the needs of workplace participants, Government announcements, and Fair Work Commission determinations. Recent updates include information about the extension and expansion of pandemic leave entitlements, a new Help in your language during coronavirus page and Frankie (our Virtual Assistant) who helps answer our customers questions about coronavirus and workplace laws.

I hope that these resources are useful for you, and I encourage you to share them within your organisation and networks. Remember, businesses and employees impacted by coronavirus can be referred to the FWO’s services by directing them to:


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