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The author, Cheryl Cook (2006), has written and developed the online publication, National Code Online Tutorial for the National Code Transition Support Program on behalf of ISANA: International Education Association Inc. The proposer and signatory of the project, Paula Dunstan, 2006 ISANA National President, has continuously contributed to the project with ideas, directions and focus. Roger Cook is the website developer on behalf of ISANA: International Education Association Inc. This initiative is supported by the Australian Government through the Department of Education, Science and Training. The author gratefully acknowledges the input and contributions provided by the members of ISANA: International Education Association Inc. in the development of this project.

National Code Transition Support Program

Online Tutorial 2007 – ISANA: International Education Association

As part of DEST’s (now DEEWR) National Code Transition Support Program, ISANA has designed and constructed an online tutorial covering Part D of the National Code 2007, which assists in the understanding of the standards within the international education industry. The purpose of this online tutorial is to assist international education professionals to understand specific standards under the revised National Code. This tutorial will be especially useful as a staff training tool for those new to the international education industry. Although the National Code document has sections A: Framework, B: Roles and responsibilities of the Australian Government and state and territory governments, C: Registration on CRICOS and D: Standards for registered providers, this online tutorial supports your own understanding of all National Code standards in Part D – Standards for Registered Providers, in the National Code 2007. The tutorial includes discussion on all 15 standards, an overview with a table of suggested minimum standards for different users to focus on, frequently asked questions, glossary and brief guides that summarise the documents, knowledge and procedures identified in each standard. The standards can be accessed consecutively or as self-contained sessions. Each standard has a link to the one before and the next. The learning activities at the end of each tutorial discussion are designed to test your own understanding of the material. The scores are not recorded and the activities can be repeated as often as necessary. Once you have completed the tutorial, there is an evaluation overall activity where you are able to add a Certification of Completion to your professional development portfolio.

For all queries, additions, good practice examples and comments about the online tutorial and the corresponding website please contact: Tracy Noble ISANA Secretariat isana@isana.org.au

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