Media Release in response to ABC Four Corners report about International Students. 07/05/19

The recent episode on Four Corners highlights the importance of international education for Australia’s education sector.

It is critical that all stakeholders adhere and comply with the national standards. The integrity and quality of the sector must be maintained.

The student experience benefits from an acknowledgement that we all have an important role.
ISANA members are concerned that while Australian institutions continue to accept increasing numbers of international students the support services for these students are not also increasing.
International students bring their own special and different academic, social, economic and cultural needs.

The benefits that international students bring to an institution should be reflected by increased and improved welfare and academic support services. This is an important and critical responsibility.
At the same time, staff working in international student services and support indicate that they have difficulty accessing appropriate professional development. Any institution benefiting from enrolling international students should also invest in its staff members who support those students.
ISANA supports any conversation that leads to improved welfare and academic support services for international students who have chosen Australia.

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