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International Education Association (ISANA) is the representative body for international education professionals in Australia and New Zealand, working in student services, advocacy, teaching, and policy development. Life membership of ISANA can be awarded in recognition of an outstanding contribution by an individual to the organisation. It should be seen as a prestigious award and so it is important that criteria and process be established for receiving this award.

General principles to consider in granting Life Membership:

  • The granting of Life Membership is a great honour and should not be treated lightly. On average, one or less Life Memberships are likely to be able to be awarded each year
  • Life Membership should not be considered as a competitive matter and nominees must be considered individually and on their personal attributes and achievements and not in comparison with others
  • Granting Life Membership is a balancing exercise. Criteria are provided for guidance, but it is the overall contribution of the nominee that must be evaluated. There is necessarily some subjectivity in the granting of Life Membership. Nominees’ strengths against the various criteria will vary. Some nominees will be extremely strong in some criteria but weaker against others, others will be more rounded
  • Life Membership is reserved for those whose contribution goes beyond the ordinary or even the excellent for an extended period of time

Criteria to be considered in granting Life Membership:

  • Current or previous financial member of ISANA
  • Length of active membership

To have contributed to ISANA to the degree necessary for Life Membership, a nominee will almost necessarily have been a Member and involved for a significant time. While there is no ‘minimum’ period of membership, a period of five (5) years active membership is an indicator of a long term commitment

  • Positions held and length of time
    The nominee should be able to demonstrate a significant contribution to the core activities of ISANA over a majority of those years of membership. This may include:
    – significant contributions while holding positions on either the ISANA Council and/or on an ISANA State Branch Executive
    – significant contributions to the International Education sector
    – participating to a much greater extent than the average

ISANA Member Process for being awarded Life Membership:

i. All Nominations are to be treated with the strictest CONFIDENCE
ii. A person can be nominated and seconded for Life Membership by any financial member of ISANA
iii. Nominations must be forwarded to the ISANA Secretariat on the ISANA: International Education Association Life Membership Nomination Form
iv. Once a nomination for Life Membership is received, the ISANA Secretariat must forward this nomination to the ISANA Council. The ISANA Council will consider only nominations received in the period since the last Annual General Meeting
v. A decision to approve or reject the nomination for Life Membership will be by unanimous vote at the next meeting of the ISANA Council
vi. Successful nominees will be presented with their Life Membership status of ISANA at the Annual Conference Dinner

What is included with Life Membership:
ISANA Life Membership Certificate Recognition on the ISANA Life Member Honour Roll on the ISANA website and in the ISANA Annual Report

Forfeiture of Life Membership:
ISANA Life Membership may be forfeited upon any failure to observe the ISANA Constitution by-laws or the ISANA Code of Ethics. It will be forfeited upon the passing of a special resolution for the removal from Life Membership for reasons not limited to but as bringing the name of ISANA into disrepute.

Nomination of Life Members


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