ISANA NZ Online Micro Course

The International Student Experience: Orientation, Integration and Well-being to support Sector Recovery

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Why do this online course?
The International Student Experience: Orientation, Integration and Well-being micro course will help you develop competence in providing tailored support to current international students and new students entering New Zealand under managed isolation.

Who is this course for?
Staff in international education programmes in schools and tertiary education institutions, student services, secondary and tertiary teaching, regional education managers and education-related public services.

Starts: 28th September 2020

Duration: 20 hours over six weeks, flexible learning 

Course weekly themes:

Perspectives on international education post-COVID

  • Identifying cultural values and models for intercultural support
  • Orientation and managing the student transition
  • Tailoring services for supporting international student wellbeing
  • Facilitating student learning and community engagement
  • Professionalisation and sustainability beyond 2020

Course cost:

$200 GST incl. = Early-bird special for ISANA NZ members only, expires 7th September

$250 GST incl. = Non-ISANA NZ members and ISANA NZ members after the 7th September



A limited number of scholarships of up to $250 are available. If you are interested in doing the course but your department budget is limited, inquire about our scholarship by emailing:

Flexible online learning:

Join a weekly community discussion that critiques key texts, video clips and links to high value resources. Join a sector leader webinar in week five and prepare a mini-project tailored to your professional context in weeks 6. Allow for 2-4 hours per week. There is flexibility in the learning schedule for those negotiating school holidays or work commitments.

Cross-sector expertise:
The micro course incorporates expertise from a specially appointed reference group, ISANA NZ 2020 online forums and up-to-date content from government agencies. 


An ISANA NZ certificate and iQualify badge will be conferred on completion.



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