Since 2012, ISANA has invited international students from all over Australia to the Annual National Conference through a Student Conference Bursary.

This Student Bursary includes $1000 per recipient, towards travel and accommodation, plus a full conference registration valued at $580 AUD.

The aims of the Student conference bursary are to:

  • Provide opportunities for engagement with other students and professional and academic staff in the international education sector;
  • Ensure that international students’ interests and opinions are heard and noted in general discussion and through presentations;
  • Develop leadership potential in the international student community
  • Disseminate international education information through the student community

Successful recipients will be included in the Conference program as you will be participating in both the social and day program.

Each continuing international student is to be nominated by an ISANA member for this bursary.  If you are unsure who is an ISANA member contact your student services officer.

Nominated International students need to submit these to Dropbox via the green Submit Here! button.  You will receive a confirmation email from Dropbox – please check your junk folder. 

Student bursary application closing date 30th July.

2018 Student Bursary Recipients:

  • Vinh Dang, SA
  • Arthur Yeow, SA
  • Sostenis Pasang, NSW
  • Daniel Nguyen,  VIC
  • Dharlene Juan, NSW

“Last week, I represented the University of Adelaide to go to 29th ISANA International Association Conference 2018 in Sydney to be a panelist for student Health and Well-being as well as co-presenting an exciting topic on re-Orientation.

ISANA is an amazing place to meet like-minded professional staff and students who want to improve assistance and support for international students. I have taken away much information to better the current International Student Peer Mentor program in the University.

Thank you Bronwyn Gilson for organizing the event this year, and a big thank to friends that came with me, Shawna Hooton, Arthur Yeow, Sarah Parrington, and friends I made along the way Dharlene Juan, Daniel Nguyen, IAPA AFA.

I hope to see you all in the next one in Melbourne”.

Vinh Dang

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