The ISANA online National Code Tutorial and Test is currently under development.  The new online tutorial is being updated to reflect the changes made to the code in 2018.  ISANA is working in collaboration with stakeholders across Australia, including the Australian Department of Education and Training.  The testing phase commenced on 22 July 2019.  We hope to have more news about the release date soon!

ISANA and the project team would like to thank the members who gave up their time to test the NCT on 22 July at Graduate House, University of Melbourne.

  • Margaret Dawson, Victoria University
  • Nohelia Hain, TEQSA
  • Abraham Punnen, La Trobe College
  • Sophie Wilson, Department of Education
  • Rob Barratt, Monash University
  • Christine Moore, La Trobe College
  • Jenny Pang, Swinburne University
  • Reena Chander, Deakin University
  • Suzanne Fernandes, Aquinas College
  • Paula Durance, IEK
  • Danielle Hartridge, IEK
  • Jack Dunstan, IEK
  • Mary Ann Seow, Project Manager
  • Molly Bonnefin, ISANA National Treasurer
  • Bronwyn Gilson, UNE

This project is supported by the Australian International Education: Enabling Growth and Innovation project fund, Department of Education and Training. For further information, please click here.


National Code Tutorial:



Since 2007 ISANA has hosted an online tutorial covering Part D of the National Code, which assists in the understanding of the standards within the international education industry.

The purpose of this online tutorial is to assist international education professionals to understand specific standards under the revised National Code. This tutorial has been especially useful as a staff training tool for those new to the international education industry.

Minister Birmingham announced the Department of Education and Training had awarded $2.1M across 14 projects as part of the Enabling Growth and Innovation (EGI) Project.

ISANA is pleased to have been awarded $128,223 to upgrade and redesign the National Code Tutorial tool to bring it in line with recent changes to the National Code.

Speaking from the CISA conference ISANA President, Bronwyn Gilson, said…

‘We are very excited to be able to make improvements and updates to such an important tool, over the last 14 years many new student services professionals have had their introduction to the National Code through the online tutorial and this will allow us to ensure that at a minimum there will be a basic level of understanding across the profession in Australia. It is essential that every person working in the sector understands and complies with the code and this will allow providers to be more confident of the level of understanding among their employees.”

The project steering group comprises Bronwyn Gilson, ISANA National President, Molly Bonnefin, ISANA National Treasurer and Mary Ann Seow, Project Manager. IEKnowledgebase is collaborating with ISANA to develop the content of the new National Code Tutorial.

As part of creating the new National Code Tutorial, there will be an industry-wide consultation that will include the student voice to ensure all areas are covered.

The new online training will be updated to reflect changes to the Code effective from 1 January 2018. The structure will allow professionals to choose to access the information that is only relevant to them. If you only touch on international education, you can go through and do the basic tutorial and then there will be modules that sit behind that. If you want more information on the admission side, you can go in and do that module. The modules will explain each of the 11 Standards and provide an interactive learning experience with sector-specific scenarios. As part of creating the training, there will be an industry-wide consultation that will include the student voice to ensure all areas are covered.

The project plan was approved by the Department of Education and Training, EGI team on Tuesday 28 August, 2018. Activities will now commence on Monday 3 September 2018.

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