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Integrated counselling: Is this good enough across cultures?

Maria Victoria McCarthy and Lio Lay

Abstract: In this workshop, a sample of evolving integrated counselling approaches will be presented followed by a discussion on hypothetical case scenarios where the said framework may be applied. There will be opportunities for the participants to incorporate their own counselling practice framework while learning from others during the discussion. It is practical and beneficial that this workshop be given 60 to 90 minutes length to maximise participation and more in depth discussion.

Participants in this workshop are encouraged to form an e-mail list for an “Advise and Consultation Forum for International Student Advisers/Counsellors”. The aim of this forum is to promote amongst International Student Advisers and Counsellors the sharing of strategies that are practical and effective in supporting or helping International Students.

Keywords: Counselling, integrated counselling, counselling framework, student support

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The concept of security and its relevance to the international education market

Helen Forbes-Mewett

Abstract: Though the social and economic security of international students is an important factor influencing student and parent decisions regarding where to access international education, researchers have paid little attention to defining the notion of "security". Drawring on literature from a range of fields, the current paper is used to advance the concept of cultural difference and relocation. These issues are contexualised within the rising international educational market and how pastoral care is managed in Australia and New Zealand.

Key Words: International students, education, security, pastoral care.

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Tuckman’s Group Development Model mapped against developmental stages of a homestay provider.

Katrina Allitt

Abstract: This paper attempts to explore the stages of development that a homestay family goes through and the psychological significance of each stage. A family who is recruited to be a homestay provider for the first time needs guidance and support from an experienced professional as well as from other families who have been providing this service for a certain length of time. Two ‘new’ families have been selected and the stages they have developed through have been mapped against Tuckman’s group development process as outlined by Samuel Gladding in ‘Group Work – A Counselling Specialty’. Variations to the model will be discussed as well in this presentation. The stages will be explored and strategies will be designed to optimise the experience for the families, students and professionals at institutions working with these groups. The increased understanding of the developmental process will benefit all involved.

Keywords: Student support, homestay, relationships, development

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“Aromatherapy and gentle Yoga: effective ways of bringing int'l and domestic students together

Maria Victoria McCarthy

Abstract: Learning and practising basic skills in aromatherapy and gentle yoga stretches proved to be a promising venue for both International and Domestic Australians Students to get together in a safe and positive environment. Within International Student Services at QUT, this activity is usually offered from the third week of each semester. It is a one hour program for four weeks where participants gather in a circle and are welcomed to express how they are feeling at the time. The session is followed by a demonstration and instructional self massage on the head, face, arms, palms and feet areas.

The participants are provided and encouraged to use sweet almond oil with very thin drops of lavender oil to assist their self massage. Gentle Yoga routine then proceeds starting with “warm up” stretches; followed by a “workout”; then finishes with a “cool down moves and relaxation”. Towards the end of the session, the par ticipants are encouraged to say a positive word or two that they feel will help them manage their hectic day better. It was quite phenomenal how the student participant seemed to encourage each other in being positive and speaking with energy after the session.

Keywords: Aromatherapy, International students, Stress management, domestic students, intergration.

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Transition strategies for international students

Clare Rhoden & Kathryn Boin

Abstract: I’ve settled in, but it’s a hard question because there are no methods, it’s just like an ongoing thing. It’s just like a transition thing – you can’t say ‘If you do this, it will make it better’ because it is based on the individual.*

International students, who choose to pursue study in a foreign university, are among the highest-achieving candidates in most institutions. Nevertheless they experience a number of transition issues, intensified by being far from their usual supports, in a new academic culture, language and way of life. As well as adapting to the academic skill requirements of the host institution, international students must complete a successful transition to being a tertiary student in the host country. This chapter suggests practical strategies to ground the academic and social success of international students.

Keywords: Transition, international students, social , academic, success, culture, student support

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