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Working Together to Build Complete Homestay Solutions

David Bycroft, Peter Spolc, Chris Everson, Sylvia Lewohl

Homestay is a wonderful, educational experience that provides an ideal opportunity to learn about another culture. Each year both Australia and New Zealand open their doors to thousands of new international students, many apply for homestay, believing it to be the very best way to experience a new environment.

Each student must have a safe, supportive place to live and each student must be made sufficiently aware of dangers and hazards in their new surroundings. One of the most complex issues is the care and monitoring of students in homestay, especially those under eighteen years of age and it is in the education provider's best interest for Homestay providers to have good policies and procedures in place and function under good practice guidelines. Unfortunately this has not always happened.

In Australia a group has got togther to solve the problems associated with Homestay by forming The Australian Homestay Network and have produced an online, fully compliant, management system which is extremely easy to use and gives both the student and host access to orientation material, interesting articles and chat lines. Each student and host is fully insured and has access to telephone assistance twenty four hours a day seven days a week.

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I would like ISANA to provide Professional Development in

Study Abroad and Exchange (student mobility) - 10.3%
Academic Language and Learning Support – service and support, attrition, retention, course progression - 10.3%
Under 18’s , Pre-Tertiary and schools – focus on schools and under 18’s enrolled in uni’s etc. - 10.3%
International Office Management - have break out groups to include Marketing, Admissions and Compliance (Academic Monitoring & Reporting Officers) - 19%
International Counselling including Student Advising/Pastoral Care - 25.9%
Immigration and Career pathways - outcomes and trends for international students studying in Australia - 8.6%
Accommodation and homestay - 6.9%
AusAID - 8.6%

Total votes: 58
The voting for this poll has ended on: 30 Aug 2013 - 00:00