Effect of Interactions between Demographic Variables and Learning Traits on Int. Students Performan


Abstract:  This research study investigated approaches by international students from vastly
different educational, cultural and linguistic backgrounds to learning and their academic
performance in Foundation Studies (FS) at RMIT University. This paper explores the
effect of the interactions between various demographic variables and learning traits on
students’ performance under Traditional method of Teaching and Learning (TTL) and
Problem Based method of Learning (PBL). Most universities around the world run
Foundation Programs (FPs) as a bridging course between high/secondary schools and
undergraduate studies with the aim of improving the quality of international student
intakes for university undergraduate studies. Discipline-based and lecture dominated TTL
is gradually giving way to PBL in many universities. This research study addresses the
question ‘Are there different teaching and learning techniques more appropriate to
international students studying in an English dominated study environment?’. The effects
of the magnitude of interactions between demographic variables and learning traits on
students’ performance have been discussed at length. The magnitude of the effect of the
treatment was calculated by using effect size calculations. Effect sizes were calculated by
using Cohen’s d with Hedges g correction. Interesting effects were observed on students’
performance due to the interaction between demographic variables and learning traits.

This research study raises interesting and challenging questions about the provision of
teaching and learning practices, which may enhance international students’ learning.

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