ISANA has contributed to the international education industry’s implementation of the National Code 2007 by its involvement in two Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS) Projects funded by the Department of Education and Training.

The first project completed is the Online Tutorial for developing understanding and application of the National Code 2007. This material is aimed at anyone who works in the international education area and has contact with international students.

The second project, ESOS Consumer Protection Project, aimed towards international students provides six animated videos that were developed to raise student’s awareness and promote a better understanding of the consumer protection mechanisms embedded in the ESOS legislation and the National Code 2007 in particular by highlighting the rights and responsibilities of international students. Each topic covers elements of the processes overseas students need to be aware of to enjoy a successful study experience in Australia. Rights and Responsibilities of the student and their education provider are highlighted in each scenario along with an overriding advice to seek professional advice when students become unclear or concerned about their situation.

The project also includes a synthesis of best-practice approaches forming guidelines for an Orientation and Pre-Arrival Handbook – Rainbow Guide. This handbook template is available for providers to download by section or complete document in either word or pdf format, so that staff can insert relevant local content. Colour–coding is used throughout the document to suggest the potential priority of each topic to student needs.


National Code Online Tutorial

Student Education Project

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