DVC-I – a question regarding online learning and the Temporary Graduate Visa

DVC-I Question:

  • Under current provisions, if a student studies a 3 year course and completes the first 8 months overseas online but then the next 16 months/92 weeks in Australia, do they qualify for a Temporary Graduate Visa?

Home Affairs response:

The short answer is Yes.

  • Questions have been raised regarding the Australian Study Requirement (ASR) for students who are studying online overseas and are unable to travel to Australia due to COVID-19 travel restrictions.


  • The ASR requires that a student must have completed a course requiring at least two academic years study and the course must be completed in no less than 16 months.


  • Two academic years required by the ASR is at least 92 weeks, the duration of a course or courses registered under the Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS) Act.


  • The ASR does not require visa applicants to have completed a single course of study of two academic years duration and applicants may use study for more than one qualification to meet the ASR.


  • If a student is studying a three year course and completes the first eight months overseas online and then studies in Australia for the next 16 months/92 weeks, they would meet the ASR.


  • Recognised prior learning (RPL) undertaken overseas does not contribute to the ASR, nor does it contribute to the 2 academic year study. However, if a student has RPL and has then studied in Australia for at least 16 months and completed a course of two academic years, they would meet the ASR.


  • The Government understands many international students are currently unable to travel to Australia due to travel restrictions and are therefore studying online overseas. A range of measures are being considered to ensure international students are not disadvantaged as a result of COVID-19, including how online study may be treated in these circumstances.


Further information on the Australian Study Requirement is available at https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/visas/getting-a-visa/visa-listing/temporary-graduate-485/australian-study-requirement.

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